iPhone 11 pro Max camera flash not working

iPhone 11 Pro Max users are facing issue with flash not working. The iPhone 11 users are unable to use flash with Camera, While taking photo from camera app, if you press Flashicon in the top left, it remained white and the flash did not work.

iPhone 11 Pro flash not working

In some cases the iPhone 11 Pro Max seems to disable flash due to low battery, however the it shows a good battery health above 70{8b486c84ea6f7a9a059cb902e6d2cb260464d2410a2bbb3ec3ecfef5ffe22152}. But still iPhone 11 flash is not working. Here in this article we have shown some tips which can help you to fix iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera flash not working.

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro camera flash is not working

Fix 1: Check flash at bottom of screen

There is a hidden screen swipe up with the camera .Above to shutter button you will see option like  Slo-mo , Video ,Photo, Portrait ,Etc…..If you slightly swipe up on those options a whole new menu will pops up and you’ll see flash as the first option, from there you can turn on/off ‘Auto Flash’.
Fix 2: Restart the iPhone

iPhone 11 camera not working is a software glitch and normal restart can fix the issue. Please try to reboot your iPhone and check if this will fix  issue.
Fix 3: Reset your iPhone 11
Reset All Settings. Go to Settings app > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. It will not erase any data on your iPhone, and just reset the iPhone to the default settings.
Fix 4: Update the iOS

Update your iPhone to the newest iOS version. The new version may fix the iPhone flashlight not working bug.

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