iPhone 11 Pro Max random Notification Sound issue

iPhone 11,XS, 8 Plus users are facing issue in iOS 13 that iPhone makes random pop up notification sound but there are no notification in the iPhone. The issue started with iOS 13 update. If you put it iPhone is silenced mode there are no notification sound. It seems like ghost notification sound in iPhone as there are no new notification in the iPhone. The “pop” sound is identical to the sound you hear when you get a new Messenger message while the app is open.

iOS 13: ghost notification sound

Even when you have turned on Do Not Disturb on iPhone 11 Plus, you will still hear the notification sound. This makes user very uncomfortable that he might be missing some important information.
In this article we have listed solution to fix iPhone making random notification sound and there are no notification.

How to fix iPhone pop up sound for no notification:

Fix 1: Uninstall Facebook messenger

In a new update of Facebook and iOS, the issue of random ghost notification can be fix by turning off notification for Facebook messenger. But in some cases notifications are turned off, for Facebook messenger but still makes that quiet popping sound when a new message comes in. In this case you can try deleting Facebook messenger app and reinstall it. Hope this help.
Fix 2: Update the iOS and Facebook apps

Please update your iOS 13 to latest version. Also update all the app which can possibly make notification app for permanent bug fix.

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