iPhone 11 sharing option not working

Many iPhone 11 /XS MAX after updating to iOS 13.4.1 are facing issue whenever they want to share file from any app like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, the sheet slides up and shows the file to be share but no contact or app options appear where iPhone user can share this file.
Restarting the iPhone does not help to fix this issue, moreover the issue is with iOS only and not seen in PadOS.

Blank Share sheet in iPhone 11 Pro is a software that started to happen after iOS update. But blank share sheet in iPhone seems to be due to WhatsApp. And to fix blank share screen we have listed a workaround below:

How to fix iPhone 11 blank share screen

Workaround : Reinstall WhatsApp without access to Photos
It seems that the latest WhatsApp update added share sheet sharing suggestions but it broke iPhone share sheet settings. You can fix this by Backing up your WhatsApp chats and delete WhatsApp, redownload it and restore chat backup.
Until there is a permanent fix for this issue from Apple, you should do this to fix blank share screen:

1.    Delete WhatsApp on your iPhone.
2.   Restart iPhone 11.
3.   Reinstall Whatsapp.
4.   Deny Whatsapp access to Photos.
5.   To save a pic/video received in Whatsapp, you can choose SHARE and save it to cloud storage. – >Then, from iCloud storage save it to Photos.

Share sheet should now work again.

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