iPhone 11 Time Lapse stuck on “Loading” /not saving

iPhone 11/XR/XS MAX users are facing issue with time lapse recording. After starting the time lapse once you are done with time lapse and hit Stop, the time lapse will load, few times the time lapse in iPhone just got stuck loading and iPhone Lapse video on not saving.

iPhone 11 Time stuck forever

Short videos on iPhone loads fine  however longer Time Lapse videos takes more time randomly to process and sometimes just never ends. The issue is reported with latest iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.4. Having Time lapse video not getting completed and stuck at loading can be very annoying for iPhone user as it is not easy to record TimeLapse video again and again and can lost important content.

The time lapse video stuck on loading for long video and not seen with short video like 20 sec. But for long video recorded time lapse takes too long or stuck at loading. Moreover this is not happening for every video but happens randomly.
How to fix Time Lapse video stuck infinitly on iPhone 11 Pro Max, XR, XS MAX, 8,7,6s plus :iOS 13

Workaround 1: Shoot other TimeLapse and check from camera
One way to play stuck Time Lapse is to follow this workaround.
From the camera shoot another timelapse, just 5 seconds long. Now from the camera screen-> click on the all photos ->swipe to old Time Lapse video which was not loading. Now opening this video from camera should rum this video normally.

Workaround 2: Reduce video quality

One way to fix the issue is to reduce the quality of camera recording. To make sure TimeLapse wok you should try to  change setting the compatible format (H.264).
Go to Setting on iPhone/iPad->Go to Camera option and then tap on ‘Formats‘.->choose ‘Most Compatible‘ option.
Workaround: Turn off Live photo

Go to setting and turn off Camera live photo setting. Go to->settings / Camera / preserve settings -> switch off Live Photo. Reboot your iPhone and check if it helps. For many user this seems to work successfully and iPhone Time lapse won’t stuck on load forever.
You can turn ON this feature later on.
Workaround: Try with short video

Time Lapse is getting stuck usually with large video’s. If none of above fixes are helping you, than you should try to capture short Time Lapse video. And if Time Lapse video on iPhone is taking time, you should take wait for some more time and check if completes the load.

Permanent fix for this issue is to update iOS 13 to latest version as Apple will release permanent fix for the issue in upcoming builds of iOS 13. So please update to your iPhone 11, XS MAX , XR to latest version of iOS. Or you can submit feedback to Apple at https://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

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