iPhone 11/X Podcast App Sign-in issue “Bookkeeper Sync Constant”

iPhone 11Pro and iPhone XS Max users are facing issue with Podcast app, that keeps on popping up asking user to signin infinitely. The podcast app keeps on asking to “Verify Apple ID” but after entering Apple Id and Password, another pop up box  appears with message “Podcasts Bookkeeper Syncs” asking for Apple ID & password again. But after entering the password it says unknown error occurred and keeps on asking to enter Apple Id credential again and again constantly. This is endless loop and to stop this it requires to force close the app. This is very strange as the podcast sing-in issue is with latest iOS 13 on iPhone XS  Max and iPhone 11 Pro/8/7 Plus.

podcast erro – Bookkeeper Sync Constant 

The pop up is not clear and gives no idea what “Podcasts Bookkeeper Sync” means. If you try to  enter Apple ID and password, it will says, “An unknown error occurred” and does not accept the username and password. However the same credential are working fine with iCloud. But not sure why credential are not working with Podcast pop up -“Podcasts Bookkeeper Sync“. The issue is also reported with  podcast app on MacBook air.

How to fix Podcast app constant sign-in issue “Podcasts Bookkeeper Syncs”  on iPhone X/XR/XS MAX/iPhone 11 : iOS 13

Fix 1: Change your Apple ID password.

changing Apple id and password appears to solve the issue but there are chances that the issue may appear soon after some days. But you may use this as workaround .

Fix 2: Disable subscriptions across

In your Podcast app setting -> Goto->Advacne tab->disable “sync subscriptions across devices” . The podcast app should stop asking for sign in again now.

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