iPhone 7/8/11 Camera not working after iOS 14 upgrade [Fix]

Apple have recently launched its latest version of iOS 14 which is equipped with many great features. But the update does not seems to be smooth and all the version of iPhone. On the latest version of iPhone 7 Plus, 11 Pro Max with iOS 14 camera is not working properly. When the camera is open on iPhone 7 with iOS 14 camera is showing blank screen and does not seem to work at all.  The issue is with both front and rear camera.

iPhone 7 play camera not working iOS 14

This is a huge drawback that many iOS 14 users are facing with iPhone 7. The camera was working properly with last version of iOS 13 but after update of iOS 14 iPhone 7 camera stops working and shows black screen. Definitely iPhone camera not  woorking is an issue due to hardware, and would most likely due to something related to IOS 14 version.

The issue seems to be. Widespread among different models of iPhones like iPhone 11 is also reported with front camera not working after the update of iOS 14.

How to fix iPhone 7 camera not working :

Solution :  there is no direct way to fix iPhone 7 camera with iOS 14 till now but there are some workaround to fix the issue. Please follow these steps and let us know if it helps you to fix iPhone 7 camera not working issue. 

Steps to fix iPhone 7 blank screen on iOS 14:

  1. Open control center and click on Flashlight
  2. Open the camera and wait for 7 seconds to 10 seconds max.
  3. Now black screen isgone and camera’s working as expected.

Other troubleshooting steps, when camera is not working on iOS 14  with iPhone 11/ XR/XS z/7/8/6s :

Fix 1: Force quit camera

After the update of iOS 14 please ensure to force quit the camera app from the running app section.

Fix 1: Reboot the iPhone

It is a common scenario that after the update many iPhone mess up their apps. It’s quite possible that some of the apps like WhatsApp or Facebook app have interfere read the camera app. In this case a normal restart of your iPhone can help or you can also try to hard reset your iPhone.

How to Force reboot! Check this link


Fix 2: Check iPhone storage

iPhones generally do not allow to take pictures if your iPhone does not have enough space. Please check if after the update your iPhone storage is full, if this is the case erase some memory from the iPhone and try again.

Fix 3: Update iOS 14 to new version

Every software versions have their own limitations and bugs. There are chances that iPhone 7 Plus camera is not working is related to iOS 14 software and hopefully Apple will fix this issue in upcoming releases of iOS 14. So please make sure to update to latest version of iOS 14 in the upcoming release.

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