iPhone 7 changes language and region by itself with CarPlay

iOS 13.5.1 on a iPhone 7 is giving many user issue related to region getting changed automatically. . For some users it happening  everytime connected to CarPlay. The issue is frustrating and unexpected change of region settings from eg Belgium French to US English, together with losing the keyboard settings of iPhone 7. The issue is with CarPlay, if you connect your iPhone to any of the cars like Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon, VW Golf, BMW the iPhone will change the region to some other value. The issue is more frequent on cable connections between car and iPhone.

iPhone 7 changing region is  quite annoying having to change back to my native language every day, as if you start to type a SMS, it will start typing in different language. The issue seems to specific to iPhone 7 and other devices like iPhone 11. iPad does not seems to be affected by this bug.

How to fix iPhone 7 changing region and language when connected to Carplay:
Workaround : Avoid using Spotify app
The issue seem to occur when you will install spotify app on your iPhone, this will change iPhone region. Stop usinga the Spotify app from the Apple Play and check if this helps.
Send feedback to Apple:
Seems like new feature in iOS 13.5/ iOs 13.6/ iOS 14 beta has broken setting in iOS for iPhone 7 and causing change in region and Language. Please report this issue to Appel on their feedback page. Hopefully Apple will fix the issue as soon as they realize this as a widespread issue.

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