iPhone issue in placing the cursor in the middle of a word to edit

not able to move cursor in word in iPhone


iPhone X users are facing issue in iOS 14/13 that they are not able to place the cursor exactly at some point or middle of the world. Earlier it was very convenient in iPhone, you have to just hold on the cursor and it will move according to you. But in the latest update of iOS 13, iPhone7/8 pieces of you see you in placing cursor in the middle of the word.

not able to move cursor in word in iPhone

IOS 13 has bring changes in the way the cursor moves, like you can double tap on the word and it will take to starting of the word or you can press long word and it will take you to the middle of the word. But this is very complicated for some of users, and also does not give you facility of placing the cursor at particular position.


The issue is very frustrating as while typing something the word is highlighted by iPhone but you cannot edit it by placing the cursor at a particular position. And many iPhone and iPad users are not happy with iOS 13 changes with the cursor movement.


How cursor movement words in iOS 13:

New way to do it is to let the cursor know you want to edit mid word by placing your finger on the cursor and holding until you see the cursor grow to a larger size and then drag it to the mid word spot or wherever you want to place it and begin typing. But it is extremely dysfunctional and frustrating to use and seems to work different in every program as sometimes the whole word gets highlighted I have to delete the whole word or sometimes a whole phrase and retype to fix one letter.




If you don’t like the way iOS 13 is managing cursor I am facing difficulty in this, you should try below workaround and it should work for you.


How to fix unable to move cursor in word to a position in iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8, iPhon7: iOS 14/13


Fix 1 : Press and hold the space bar


Pressing the space bar can be used as track pad. Dragging the cursor does not seems to work all the time but using the space bar is working every-time.

So we recommend you to use space bar, just hold the and you will be able to move the cursor at any position in the word.


Fix 2 : Hold the cursor

1.    Place your cursor at the beginning or end of your word.

2.   Hold and drag it into the middle of the word.

3.   Release

4.   Edit


I hope these fixes helped you in fixing The issue and the cursor is placed as per your requirements. Please let us know in comment section. 



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