iPhone/Mac Mail contact blocking not working

iPhone 11 Pro, XS , MacBook Pro users are facing issue with mail app in their iPhone. After updating to iOS 13, mail app Contact Blocking is not working. To block a contact select the emails contact and tap on “Block this Contact” and as per settings Blocked Senders mail are set to “Move to Trash”. But it is surprise to note that the blocked mail still shows up INBOX. This is very annoying to see blocked contact mail in inbox.

iPhone/mac mail app blocking not working 
If you are try to block the contact again, iPhone mail won’t allow to block the mail contact again and it displays This message is from a blocked contact. All the mail from a blocked sender still shows up in the inbox with the heading that this mail is from a Blocked Sender, but a mail users will always expect it to go to trash.

How to fix mail app showing mail from blocked contact on iPhone 11, XS, MacBook, iPad:

Solution 1: Delete all mails from blocked users

One way to fix the issue is to delete all mails from blocked contact and then block the contact.
·      Before blocking the contact, search through inbox for all email from the email address.
·      Delete all but the last email received.

·      open last email.
·      Click on sender name.
·      Click on sender name again (next to from)
·      click block sender.
·      if the sender is already blocked, be sure all emails from the person are fully deleted from phone, including, sent, inbox, bin folders, including last email.
·      Now the new mails from the calendar will go to trash.
Solution 2: Log out and login back to email account
Tap “Settings” on the home screen, and then tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” to display all the email accounts
Swipe the “Mail” menu slider to the “Off” position to log out, and then tap the “Done”
Now login again to the mail account

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