iPhone SE (2020)/11: small clicking sound/vibration with haptic feedback

 iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 11 Pro users are reporting subtle click sound when using the iPhone. There is a weird clicking sound on swiping up to close the app and it also vibrates but it also has a weird clicking sound every time doing so. Even when tried to turning silent mode, turning system haptics off, resetting all my sounds and vibrations settings, turning off vibration in accessibility does not seems to help me.
The issue seems to be widespread across different iPhone models like iPhone 7+, iPhone X, iPhone SE are also making random sound clicks. The click sound seems to occur with some specific apps like youtube, Facebook Messenger.

iPhone SE small haptic click sound

Earlier same issue was reported with iPhone 11 Pro Max but later got fixed in iOS 13.4 update and click sound stopped appearing in iPhone 11 but this time in the latest iPhone SE 2020 does also have the haptic touch noise on iOS 13.5.1. This is strange but from past fix we can atleast believe it to be software issue than a hardware issue. Here are some workdound to fix the issue, please check if they stop this click sound in iPhone SE , iPhone 11 Pro Max.
How to fix iPhone SE- 2020 , iPhone 11 Pro Max small click sound in iOS 13/iOS 14:

Fix 1: Turn off “Phone Noise Cancellation”
Many iPhone 11 users are able to fix the issue by turning off noise cancellation in Accessibility settings and after that there are no more odd click sound in iPhone 11.
Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Turn off “Phone Noise Cancellation”
Fix 2: Update to latest iOS 13/ iOS 13

Apple is aware of the issue and should be working on this and only way for you to get a permanent fix is to update your iPhone SE to latest iOS versions. Please check in settings -> update for any iOS update for your iPhone.
Fix 3 : Contact Nearby Apple store
If you iPhone 11 is also making click sound and no workaround works for you, you should contact Apple Genius or an Apple Authorized Service Provider take a look at your iPhone 11. Click on the “Service and Support” section of the resource below to find one near you. For many users facing this issue have received a free replacement.

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