iPhone X/8: How to remove White Squares Boxes on Keyboard [Solved]

iPhone 8/XS Max/11 Pro Max users are finding white boxes appeared over keyboard  backspace key and caps key/ at bottom of the screen. The white /grey transparent rectangle boxes on keyboard section started to appear after the iOS update and blocks some users from tapping the keys. This is very annoying as it does not seems to get off or remove white / grey boxes from iPhone X keyboard screen.

White square box at iPhone X,8,11 keyboard

The Transparent rectangles are across the bottom portion of the iPhone screen. The transparent white square boxes will appear on keyboard as it is along the line that allows you to capitalize, z, x, c, v, b, n, m, and delete, all those are currently useless
How to remove white square rectangle from iPhone 11 Pro Max ,XS Max, iPhone 8/X : iOS 13.4.1

Fix 1 : Use Triple finger press
One easy way to remove the white square boxed from keyboard is to do Double click with your three fingers at time on the appeared box. It will go off the screen.
Fix 2: check for any screen hardware related issues

Now the rectangle boxes on iPhone keyboard usually relate to the screen connectors being loose if you make sure they are pressed down 100{8b486c84ea6f7a9a059cb902e6d2cb260464d2410a2bbb3ec3ecfef5ffe22152} then recheck screen. If it still looks bad then is most likely a damaged screen, get your phone checked at authroised store of Apple
Fix 3: Hard reset the iPhone
One easy way to get rid of white boxes on iPhone keyboard is to simply restart the iPhone or doing a Hard reset.
TO hard reset iPhone 11, XS Max:
1.    Quickly press and release the Volume Up button on iPhone.

2.   Quickly press and release the Volume Down button on iPhone.
3.   Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears, then release the Side button.
Fix 4: Turn off character count
Temporary workaround include toggling the character count On and/or Off in Settings > Messages and closing other apps such as Camera before returning to text message. This will remove the white boxes from iPhone keyboard.
Fix 5: check for pending updates
If this is a software glitch, which will be usually fixed by Apple in iOS 13 new releases, Therefore you should always update the iPhone to latest iOS. Go to Setting->General-> pending updates and install them.

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