iPhone XR Contacts missing/disappeared on search 2020 [Fix]

IPhone 7 8,X,11 Pro Max user are facing problem that some of the contacts are missing from the iPhone. Not all the contacts are missing but some random contacts are missing from the iPhone. Contacts from the iPhone are disappearing on its own. The person is missing from the contact list but if I try to send them a message the contact is shown in the message. Go to contacts to look for them they are completely gone – no pic, email, number, etc.

iPhone X contacts missing on search
 Surprisingly all the contacts are available on the iPad device of the same user but random few contacts are missing from their iPhone. iPhones are backed up on iCloud so when search on iCloud contacts are missing from there as well. Contacts disappearing from iPhone is irritating and stressing issues for many iPhone users as they are not able to retrieve some of import information of their contacts like their email ID.
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How to fix Contact missing from iPhone 11 Pro MAX, XR, XS MAX, 8,7 on iOS 13/14:
Fix 1: make sure that your other accounts sync contacts

Contacts can be associated with multiple sources (email accounts).  It is likely that the “missing” contacts are still present but hidden.
In the Contacts app, tap “Groups” at the top-left.  Do you have sources that are unchecked? Or In Settings/Passwords & Accounts, look for email accounts which have had Contacts turned OFF — turn those back ON.
One main issue why iPhone is not showing some of the contact name can be related to accounts you are managing on your iPhone like if you have a company account synced in iPhone please check if the account settings are up-to-date, many iPhone users face the same issue as the account responsible for sync the contacts was not able to sync with iPhone properly. You may have to change the sign in process as per the new policy.
Fix 2: toggle iCloud in your iPhone settings
Go to www.icloud.com and see if the contacts are in the Contacts app there.  If not, you can go to Settings, and click on Restore Contacts.
You can also try toggling Contacts off/on under your iCloud settings on the affected device.

Please make sure that the contacts are synced from iCloud and contacts for iCloud, on the device, is not off.
Got to iPhone->Settings > iCloud > Contacts > Toogle On
Fix 3: update the iOS version
Sometime issues like contacts disappearing from iPhone can be caused by a software bug in iOS, in such cases you should always update your iPhone to the latest version available.

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