Jio Developer program for app development for Jio TV+

In 2020 AGM meet the Director of Reliance Jio, Akash Ambani told about Jio developer program which will focus upon developing apps for Jio TV+ which will work with Jio Fiber. The Jio TV+ will eventually provide 12-15 OTT apps like HotStar, NetFlix, YouTube etc. But apart from OTT apps or TV Channels, Jio TV+ will also support apps in many categories like entertainment etc.  But developer can also develop apps for the Jio TV + and best part of it is they earn some money by monetizing their apps. It is not clear how the apps will be monetize and how developer will get paid for their Apps, but the information is expected to be out soon.

Reliance launches Jio Developer program

Quite possibly the app will be based on Android platform or other Web-Technology and may only work with Jio TV+ and not with other devise like Android TV. All app development and maintenance will be guided by Jio itself through its policy and platform.

How to develop apps for Jio TV+ :

1. First a developer needs to register on Jio developer program (
2.   Jio apps are based upon webtechnologies like HTML5 etc. Please developer should be sound with them.
3.   There is Jio App console to build apps.
1.   Jio Developer Kit is available for developers.

2.   Developer can publish the Apps on Jio Store which will be dedicated for Jio Apps.

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