Onlyfans downloader not working for Chrome [Fix]

Many onlyfans users  are facing issues in downloading OnlyFans video using OnlyFans video downloader extension on Chrome stopped working. The users are facing issue with the download button, the download button is  not appearing on individual post and user is not able to download the onlyfans video. The issue started all of sudden and no clue is there why this is happening. There are chances that due to huge downloads of the extension.

onlyfans downloader not working
Surprisingly bulk downloads still appears to be working fine. It’s a perfect OnlyFans downloader. People also have request of adding a way to capture livestreams on onlyfans.
Seems like the onlyfans extension is not able to identify all of the content/videos. For example a creator has 100 videos, 2800 pics, the onlyfans downloader shows 182 pics and 199 videos.
One easy workaround to fix the issue is remove the extension and reinstall it on your chrome and check it that fixes the issue.

Hopefully this will get fixed by the developers soon.

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