PubG Mobile Voice Chat not working 2020

Many PubG game users are facing issue with Voice Chat not working. While playing the PubG the in-game voice chat doesn’t work in lobby (can’t hear teammates and they can’t hear me. The mic seems wot work fine for initial 5-10min but soon after a match gets over, the voice chat randomly stops working.

If you press the MIC button in lobby to enable it, it doesn’t get enabled and “please wait” message is shown on top. The issue seems to on Android majorly where in PubG mobile the voice chat stops and does not work after that.

How to fix Voice chat not working in PubG mobile : 2020

Fix 1: Open  Customer service screen

If voice chat is not working for you in PUBG, one easy and quick solution is to start open Customer Service screen options. While in match when PubG stops the voice chat randomly, open the setting in Game-> Tap on Customer Service-> You don’t have to do anything just press back from the screen and Voice chat should work normally now.

Fix 2: Basic Troubleshooting
·       Make sure that in your phone the ‘use microphone’ permission is set correctly for the app.
·       In case you are using a headphone without microphone, then the game do not use default microphone of phone they expect a signal from the headphone jack. Not always true but happens with some microphone/Phone  in market.

·       Check if you are not muted due to wrong setting in app. Check your sound settings in the PubG. There are separate sliders for incoming and outgoing voice channels.
Fix 3: Android workaround
On Android, while sound is not coming in the game,  Press the “windows” button (At the left of Home button) and touch to enter the app again and it should solve the problem and voice chat should work fine now.
Fix 4: Use Google Assist
If u r using normal earphone and if your voice chat not working, press and hold call button of your earphones this will get the  google assistant to popup then now go back to the game and your voice chat will be working. 

Fix 5: Restart the game
Other solution for the PubG sound not working tap on the mic and turn it off then back on if it doesnt work then refresh the app by closing it and reopening it.

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