Siri not working while driving: iOS 14/iOS 13.5

 In the latest iOS 13.5 update the Siri is not following commands while you are driving your car. If I ask Siri to open apps like Spotify Or Safari, I get a response that she cant do it while Im in the car. The iPhone is connected via Bluetooth. This issue started happening on the iOS 13.5 update.

iOS 13.5 Siri not opening apps while driving

If you are in the car, even if not driving the car or car is still not in motion, Siri now displays an automobile image in the background when triggered to asked to open apps like spotify etc. The Siri will navigate using Apple Maps, but refuses to open Spotify. This has nothing to do with Do not disturb setting in the iPhone
Why Siri is not opening apps while in car on iOS 13.5: iPhone 11 Pro, XS Max, XR, 8/7 Plus

In iOS 13.5  if you are connected to car using Carplay/ Bluetooth the Siri wont work and will not open apps. This may be a safety feature but not all the persons sitting in the car are driving, Siri must have passenger setting to avoid this issue. Hope that it’s a bug and not a feature, or at least it may be a feature that we can turn on/off manually. We hope that this is a bug from Apple and should be fixed in upcoming releases.

How to fix Siri not working  in iOS 13.5: Not opening apps while driving

We have listed some possible workaround to fix this issue , please check them below :
Fix 1: Use wired connection

One easy way to get rid of this issue is to connect your iPhone to your car using a iPhone cable. Turn off Bluetooth from iPhone settings and use the wired connection into your car.  
Fix 2: Downgrade to 13.4.1
If you do not like Siri restriction to access apps while in car you can roll back the iOS vesion in iPhone to iOS 13.4.1 using below guide here:
Siri now working with my car bluetooth as it was.

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