Unable to share files/Voice Memo “couldn’t load content” : iPhone 7/XS

iPhone 7 Plus  XS/11 Pro users are facing issue while sharing voice memo over Facebook messenger, whatsapp or email, it gives error “couldn’t load content”. The voice memo recording in iPhone 7 are not sharable after update to latest iOS 13.4/iOS 13.4. This was not the issue with previous older version of iOS 13. But after updating to iOS 13.3/13.4 iPhone is not sharing voice memo and says “couldn’t load content”.

 “couldn’t load content”  on iPhone 

The iPhone will give you the error “couldn’t load content” while sharing pdf files, any document file, notes using note app,  voice memo recording as soon you will try to share using FB messenger. The problem is reported with messenger mostly but some iPhone 11 users are facing this issue with any app, while trying to share data it will give error “couldn’t load content”.

How to fix unable to share file using FB messenger /Whatsapp/Snapchat on iPhone 11/XS MAX/7 Plus:

  • Sharing not working on iOS 13.4

Fix : check for FaceBook Messenger/App update

Updating the iOS will update the framework as well and usually for a major change, third party apps have to update their app to match up with iOS updates. App developer release new updates in Appstore and you should check for any pending updates on Appstore and always update to latest.
One Apple user reported as
“My messenger app just got updated and the app finally recognized that .m4a file as a recording and now I can send voice memos again. Looks like it was a Facebook problem after all and not getting any “couldn’t load content” while sharing data”

Workaround : Try sharing with other App

If you unable to share files/voice memo using FB messenger app, you can try to share these files using other apps like whatsapp. Many users who are unable to share files using messenger are able to share file using other apps.

The iPhone unable to share data using FB messenger are generally app issue and you should check with App support for  permanent fix. Also you should report issue with Apple as well. You can submit bug report to Apple.  

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