What is based in not shared meaning on Instagram

In the new feature of Instagram many users are seeing a new message below the username on some pictures, it look like “based in: not shared”. Based in not shared on Instagram it’s a new message that many people are not able to understand also the message is not appearing below every picture on Instagram but can be seen beneath some of the pictures while browsing Instagram on the app.
You can see this type of messages in business accounts where they are allowed to share business related information on Instagram.

What is meaning based is not shared on Instagram

You can see business page information by clicking on three dots on top of the picture. Accounts lets you contact them using this option. The same three dot section you can see where this business is based on and authenticity of the account and the based in is where the owner of the account put where they’re from or business is located.
If the business owner does not wish to share the location of the business Instagram will show in not shared below the picture or the promotion.

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