What is “com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl” in iCloud backup and remove it

iPhone 11 /XS/ 8/7 Plus user are reporting issue with iCloud backup that the  iCloud backup contains a file named “com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl”. Which is completely anonymous to user adnd  It’s never been there before and no idea what it could be. Does it belongs to user or app or iOS, it is just there.

com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl in icloud backup

The issue is with latest iOS 13.4.1 backup also and keeps there how many times you refresh or update your backup.  Resetting the iPhone does not seems to fix and remove this file (as shown in the pic). It not easy for an iPhone user to understand what is “
com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl” in iPhone iCloud backup.
Some user reported as
“Noticed on iOS 13.4 “com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl” is now listed on my iPhone XR iCloud backup and turned on Can anyone explain this? Was not there on previous iOS. Just updated to 13.4.1 and it is still there.

How to remove “com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl” from iCloud backup:

There are no updates from Apple regarding getting com.apple.icloud.spnfcurl in the iCloud back up. But there is no clue from Apple as well. Possible reason is a new app that you might have installed or updated in your iPhone that has created this file in the iCloud backup.  If this really bother you we recommend  to stop its sync and report the issue to Apple.

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