Your iPhone might not be protected Calendar spam/ virus 2020

iPhone calendar is reported with many issues and virus and spam in past and recently iPhone calendar is reporting many spam in 2020. The iPhone displays , your iPhone is not protected on calendar and keeps on popping again and again. Also Spam Calendar Subscription Wont Delete. 

iphone calendar virus/spam is very annoying for the users as it keeps on appearing and says Your iPhone might not be protected while opening the Calenda. The calendar virus or spam generally gets into your iPhone while browsing websites and your tap on random notifications. When you will  open the website there are some  pop-up and if you accidentally click on “subscribe” and then new calendar events will be added like “IPhone security pack discount” or “your iPhone is not protected click to protect” “Click now to secure your iPhone”, “You have won iPhone XS from Apple”
The issue is not limited to iPhones/iPad only but also with the mac Calendars as well. 

iphone calendar spam 2020
The calendar spam will try to take you to a website where they may give you fishy updates, offers etc. which is a security threat. Best way to avoid this is to remove them from your device iPhone/iPad/Mac.

How to remove spam/ virus from iPhone calendar : clear your iphone from malicious attacks calendar: iPhone X/11 Pro MAX/8/7/6s PLUS:

Fix 1  : Rogue Calendar account

The spam issue in calendar is cause you accepted and subscribed yourself to a spam calendar.
Settings > Passwords & Accounts > find the spam calendar, and remove it.
Please note that it is not a virus, it may appear that my iphone calendar has been hacked
But  It is something that got added to your calendar because you may have accepted an offer from a pop-up  on a website unknowingly.
Fix 2 : Remove Google Calendar

If you are using Google calendar in your iPhone than there are chances that the spam got into your calendar through Google Account. The solution (if you’re using Google Calendar) is to login to and under Event Settings, deselect the option to automatically add Gmail results to your calendar.
Hope this has helped you to remove the iphone calendar virus.

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