6 Best Ways to Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass 2021

Crunchyroll Guest Pass free

Looking for a Crunchyroll Guest Pass? Then you must be a hard-core anime or manga lover. Crunchyroll guest pass allows its premium user to let a friend join for free. If you get such a chance, don’t miss it. But to get a pass, you need to pay first.

Crunchyroll app is a popular video streaming service that focuses on anime videos & even we have given Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts to enjoy. It offers over 1,000 animation series, more than 200 East Asian dramas, and 50 manga novels as Crunchyroll Manga for the users. It has one of the biggest anime collections and has over 70 million users around the world. You can watch all your favorite anime and dramas and can even download them on the app.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass

However, this premium subscription is not totally free. You have to pay $6.95 per month for a premium subscription and you will get a guest pass along with the subscription. We will tell you some methods here for getting a guest pass easily.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass

The guest passes are not always provided to the users. There can be times when you buy a premium account but still don’t get a guest pass. It’s purely the company’s call.

How to get Crunchyroll Guest Pass

The Crunchyroll guest pass can be simply obtained by buying a premium subscription. You will be gifted with a guest pass which can be given to anyone’s friend. However, the guest pass will not last more than 2 days. You can watch as many shows as you want for only 48 hours. It will get expired after the said duration.

how to get free Crunchyroll guest pass

You can download and use the Crunchyroll app for free too. But, that might not give you access to all the shows and it doesn’t provide an HD feature for free accounts. Some videos are only for premium and premium + users. Premium accounts also provide high resolution and ad-less videos and allow downloading shows.

How To Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass

If you want to get a guest pass for Crunchyroll, then we will show you various ways to get a free guest pass. These are all legit tricks you can use for a free pass. You can easily get a pass and can enjoy watching amazing shows.

1. Free Crunchyroll Guest Pass

The easiest and simplest method is to ask your friends to share their guest passes. When any of your friends buy a premium subscription, they will get a guest pass. Request them to give their pass to you.

ways to get crunchyroll guest pass

Crunchyroll app uses this method to share the word about the service among the public. It is human behavior to accept whatever comes for free. You might get addicted to the app and later buy a subscription for yourself. This is a marketing technique that they use.

2. Reddit For Crunchyroll Guest Pass

Users can grab a guest pass from Reddit too. You have to subscribe to the page to get information about the guest pass announcements. The Reddit Weekly Guest Pass MegaThread provides a free guest pass for its users once a week. Every Thursday, a list of guest passes is uploaded from the users on the Crunchyroll Subreddit website.

However, it works with the First come, First serve concept. You will have to be very quick to get a pass for yourself. There will be many other people who are waiting for the guest pass. It can make this process a little bit difficult but you can definitely give this a try.

3. Anime Forums For Crunchyroll Guest Pass

Crunchyroll has its own website where they provide guest passes for the users. You can only 10 guest passes within a period of 6 months. The guest pass is given on The Official Guest Pass Thread page.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass 2020

There are many such threads available on the internet provided by private websites. You can do some research to get a code. This can save you a good sum of money and still give you a lot of entertainment.

4. Follow Facebook Pages

There are various anime pages on social media sites giving out free passcodes. Β Anime Monk and Anime Fanatics Worldwide are such pages famous for providing guest passes. Even if you don’t get a direct pass sometimes, you can make friends with other people who follow such pages. You can ask them if they are willing to share a guest pass if they have one.

5. Use Telegram

Telegram is also useful for obtaining free passes. Try to find out anime pages on Telegram and follow them to be updated about the guest pass details. There are not a large number of pages on Telegram though. You can easily find them and get yourself a guest passcode.

6. Follow Twitter Pages

The same case is with Twitter. Find anime forums on Twitter and take a part in giveaway contests. You can get yourself a free pass with ease. You can also comment on the official pages if someone is willing to share their code with you.

These are all the legit methods to earn a free guest pass. You can easily get a pass from these methods.

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How To Use Crunchyroll Guest Pass

Once you get a guest pass, you have to redeem it to enter the world of anime. These are simple steps to redeem the guest pass:

  • If you already are a user of Crunchyroll, then skip the next step.
  • If you don’t have an account, create one.
  • Launch your browser and go to ‘http://www.crunchyroll.com/guest_pass’ website.

Crunchyroll Guest Pass free

  • Enter the guest passcode you have, and click on ‘Continue’.
  • The pass will be redeemed and you can binge-watch for straight 48 hours.


The guest pass for the Crunchyroll app might seem hard to get, but it’s not really that difficult to get one for yourself. If you are still not interested to go through any of the methods we have listed, just go for a free account. It will not cost a single penny and yet provides lots of shows for you. The drawback here is that it’s only limited to 14 days and doesn’t provide high-resolution videos.

We hope this article was useful to you. If you want to share a guest pass with others, you can write in the comments box. If you found this article helpful, share it among your friends too.Β  For more information, please visit our website TechRulz.

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