CarPlay Can’t control Music Volume : iPhone 11/ iOS 14

iPhone 11, XR ,XS users are facing issues with CarPlay that they are not able to control or adjust Car play music volume. Restarting both carPlay and iPhone fixes it temporarily. One the issue starts to happen you can’t control volume form car of the iPhone. Volume becomes uncontrollable in CarPlay Meaning it won’t go up or down

The issue is reported across different cars like volvo, Mercedes, Honda, Ford etc, almost on all of them CarPlay volume control is not working with iPhone 11 / iOS 14. 

How to fix CarPlay volume controls not working iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS MAX, XR : iOS 14

Fix 1: Remove Waze app

Removing the Waze seems to do the trick. It seems that if you have installed Waze app in your iPhone , you will not be able to control music app volume in CarPlay. Remove the w from my apps and now my volume works. 


Fix 2: Show audio setting on Waze app 

If you do not want to remove Waze app, you can try to Turning off the Show Audio Player in the settings of the Waze App which should fix CarPlay volume control  issue. 

Fix 3: Play apple Music

open Apple or Amazon music and hit “play” in one of those apps first, now the the volume will work for all apps. 

Hope these fixes helped to fix CarPlay volume control not working in iPhone 11,XR, XS MAX, 8, 7 Plus on iOS 14

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