Dunkin Donut app not working ! “There was an error. Please try again later.” (2020)

Dunkin donut app is recently reported with many errors and issues like the apps keeps on crashing. It takes 4 to 5 restart to make the app work.  Dunkin donut crashing is a frequent issue now, there are many other issues with Dunking Donut app now Can’t order all the time, slow and clunky, no favorites, can’t view order history.  The issue is more common when they are in some kind of special offer, when Dunkin donut app receives many requests at the same time, it seems that they are not able to handle it.

Dunkin Donut app not working 2020

Most often the users are getting poor service messages like “There was an error. Please try again later.” The app is useless most days.  The Dunkin Donut has decided that on 29th September it gives offer “it’s National Dunkin’ Day” but many users are not able to place order as Dunkin Donuts stopped working. 

On both Android and iOS systems Dunkin Donut app users are reporting that the app is not working.

We have listed some troubleshooting steps to fix Dunkin app not working or not connecting to internet or crashing

How to fix dunking Donut app not working, keeps disconnecting and unable to play order.

Solution 1: update the app

Open play store or App Store for any pending updates for Dunking Donut app. As the android and iOS keeps on updating platforms to new version, it becomes essential for app developers to update new app. If you are running an older version of the app then you might face issues like Dunking Donut  app disconnecting or not loading at all

Solution 2: Log out and log in

If you’re able to login in Dunking Donut  apps for sometime then we recommend you to change your password and log out manually and login back, this is because if you are using the app from more than one device then you might face issues like force log out from Dunking Donut  app.

Solution 3: Disable VPN on your phone

If Dunking Donut  app is not able to connect to internet or keeps on dropping internet connection, then one big reason can be that you are using VPN to control your network setting. Many apps are not able to maintain sessions properly if you are on VPN networks, to fix this turn off VPN and check if Dunking Donut  app work properly.

Solution 4: Restart the phone for fixing glitches 

A normal software or platform issues can be fix just by a normal restart to your iPhone or android phone. For fixing any software which is rated issues in Dunking Donut  app, please restart the app in your phone, check back if it fixes the issue.

Solution 5: Switch Data connection for the app

If you’re not able to open Dunking Donut  app on mobile data  and it getting crashed then please try connecting it to Wi-Fi or other way around check if it helps

Solution 6: clear Dunkin Cache on Phone

Some older settings or cached data some time causes apps like Dunking Donut  to not load properly or keeps getting force locked out due to old session settings. To clear cache.

On Android phone:

Open Settings on your Android phone and go to Apps or Application Manager.- >Under All app find Dunking Donut  app-> Tap on storage -> clear cache

On iOS/ iPhone:

Open settings app-> General->Storage->find and tap on Dunking Donut -> Tap on offload app.

The solution are you able to help you and Dunking Donut app works for you !

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