Facebook videos keeps pausing/freezing on iPhone 11/iOS 14 [Fix]

iPhone 11 Pro Max, Xs Max/ Xr and the old iPhone X model owners are facing issue while paying Facebook videos on their iPhone/ iOS 14. Facebook videos keeps freezing iphone X and it becomes very difficult to watch the videos on Facebook as you will have to play the videos again and again, making the experience worst as video will pause and freez at any moment. Not only iPhone Xs but iPhone 7 is reported with the issue of pausing video randomly on facbook and other apps. The issue is like when played video on iPhone like 2 seconds of smooth playback, than pause, freeze and start the playback again somtimes .

Facebook video pausing on iPhone X and XS
For many users its not the Facebook only but any video play will freeze in iPhone Xs /Max. When watching videos on any app on iPhone e.g Facebook, YouTube, Spotify,the video will continuously pause. It’s terrible from Apple that $1000 iPhone X and can’t watch movies as the Facebook videos stop after 2 seconds iPhone X/XR. But its not only iPhone but even the OnePlus /Samsung galaxy 8 are reported with random video pausing issue.
This does not seems to be issue with network data service provider as this happens on both WiFi and normal data connection with good speed.  Video pausing on their own in iPhone seems to difficult fix for the iPhone 5/6/7/8/Xs Max users at different version of iOS 1/ iOS 12/ iOS 14 as well.
How to fix Facebook videos keep freezing iphone X/SR/XS Max on iOS 14 /11:
Fix 1: Undo Shake feature

Quite possible that shake to undo feature is causing your iPhone to pause video on Facebook. To make sure iPhone does not pause video due to thi please go to Settings/General/Accessibility and then within the ‘Interaction‘ section switch the ‘shake to undo’ section to off (should be on by default) it seems to have done the trick for many iPhone X/Xs users. Please let us know in comment section if that helped you.
Fix 2: Update Router setting

If you are facing the Facebook video pausing on iPhone only on your WIFI model. Turn your router off for 20 /30 seconds when it’s turned back on, Go to settings on iPhone and to tap on reset -> Reset network settings. After reset enter your router wireless key.
Later go to website for your router make of router check for firmware update.
Fix 3: update the app

In many cases its the App that causes such issues and the video will freez on the iphone. So please make sure to try uninstall and re-install the app on iPhone. Other thing is to do is go to setting and CLEAR THE CACHE of APP from iPhone. One other option is to download older version of app. To do this please read following :
How to install older version of app in iPhone;
-Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
-Press Updates and then press Purchased.
-When you get there, it should show your Apple account and it will say My Purchases.
-Press that and it will show you all of your apps

-Find Trello and try to download it. If a version of the app that is compatible with your version of iOS is -available on the App Store, it will let you download it to your phone.
-If the version is not available, go to the iTunes App Store, find the app and click Ratings and Reviews.
-There is a button there that says App Support. Click that and then put in a query to the developer. They may be able to let you directly download the version of the app that you need from them.

Please let us know in comments if any of above steps helped you to fix the issue. 

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