Fitness/Activity app not working on Apple Watch : iPhone 11/iOS 14

 After iOS 14 update many iPhone/Apple watch users are facing problems like showing activity in iPhone/iOS 14 with Their Apple Watch. On the watch the data is shown correctly, but on iPhone nothing shows up.  The issue started after iPhone was updated to iOS 14. The Fitness app is not working on Apple Watch or iPhone since updating to iOS14. 

After the update entire workout completely disappeared missed from Health app in iPhone. It seems to be a sync issue between iPhone and Apple Watch which causing Fitness app not working. 

Fitness App not working on iPhone update iOS 14

After iPhone X updated on iOS 14, Fitness app does not register any activity. All fitness data has disappeared and the Apple Watch is not syncing with the new data, the Fitness data missing. The issue is reported with different versions of iPhone and different versions of Apple Watch. Fitness app stopped working on Apple Watch after the synched iPhone was a updated to iOS 14. 

Even on the latest  iPhone11 pro with  Apple watch series 5 the issue is seen and Fitness app is not working after iOS 14 update on iPhone. It seems that the iPhone in iOS 14 is not synching properly, for a walk of 10100 steps on Apple watch, shows 9000 something on health app on iPhone. Also Exercise registered on Apple watch not showing up in health app on iPhone.For some iPhone and Apple watch user the issue not only limited to sync between Apple Watch and iPhone but in some cases Fitness app won’t launch at all.

Below are the major issue on Fitness app after update to iOS 14:

  • The workouts aren’t synced with the fitness app anymore.
  • Overall calorie usage displayed in the fitness app has declined from 2200-2800 a day to hardly like 1000 a day! While steps are still counted, and calories within registered work-outs are counted correctly. Mouvement rings seem to work fine too.
  • The fitness app no longer works. It is just blank with no workouts or trends and the rings are blank too even though my Apple Watch says otherwise.
  • The Fitness app freezes on opening Activity.

How to fix Apple watch Fitness app not working after iPhone updated to iOS 14: iPhone 11 Pro Max, XR,XR,8/7 Plus

Fix 1: Restore the iPhone 

Back up the iPhone to iCloud or iTunes and then do a factory reset of all content and settings. Now restore the backup from my iCloud backup and try to pair Apple series watch and the fitness app should work normally. The health app should also work without any issue. Best part is you won’t lose any activity

This is the most successful fix for Fitness App not working on Apple watch on iPhone/ iOS 14.  Please give it a try.

Fix 2: Adjust Move goal

 This is a workaround to sync Apple watch and iPhone. open the Fitness app on your watch and adjust your daily move goal. This should update it to the phone and fix sync issue.

Fix 2: Unpair and repair the watch

Unpair Apple Watch a pair it again, this should fix the problem in general, but please note that Re-pairing seems to only work if you still see map data for your old activities. If the map data is not showing up in your old activities re-pairing does not seem to work.

Fix 3: Reset both watch and iPhone

If none of the fixes works for you, you should try radical solution. you will have to restore your iPhone as new and set the smartwatch from scratch.

Fix 4: Check for update

It seems that started after iOS 14 update, and for a permanent fix for the issue you should consider updating watchOS. If watch OS is on the latest version please wait for the next version of iOS 14 and update once available. 

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