Health app too much storage iOS 14:iPhone 11/XS

 iOS 14 Unable to delete Health App too much storage space in GB

iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 are facing a strange world that health data which is shown as taking so much space in memory is like 20 GB or 10 GB. After the iOS 14 update when user checks iPhone storage it shows that health app is taking too much space like more than 5GB. 

Health app taking too such storage iOS 14

Even the bigger problem is in iOS 14 even if you clear all the health data from the app,  still the health app is taking too much space in the memory. Even on the latest version of iOS 14.0.1 health app excessive storage issue still exist. The issue started when iPhone user starts getting memory storage warning is iPhone 11, XR,XS. There was a lot of space available before the update but just after the update iPhone is giving no memory storage due to health app taking too much space in memory.

Health app too much storage on iPhone/ iOS 14 is annoying issue for many iPhone users and they are not able to clear the memory. A normal restart to iPhone and restarting the health app does not seems to fix excessive health storage issue on iOS 14.The Health App itself says No Data but iPhone Storage is still saying more than 32/50 GB data taken by health app. Also the Health data consuming lots of space in iCloud backup. 

How can I delete Health app data:

On your iPhone- open Health app-> Go to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness Disable Health Open Health App/Health Data -> All -> Flights Climbed > Show All Data/Edit/Delete All Go back to All. Now to clear Walking and running distance repeat the above Steps.

How to fix Health app too much storage iOS 14:

Fix 1: Factory restore the iPhone

The best fix for health app taking too much storage is to do a full restore on iPhone.

First backup iPhone, do a factory restore using iTunes or iCloud and loaded my back up again.

Once the restore is complete health app excessive data should clear .

Fix 2: Disable Motion Calibration 

Settings/Privacy/Location Services/System Services Disable Motion Calibration and Distance since you don’t care about that after this it will reduce the memory usage. 

Fix 3: Contact Apple 

If restoring the iPhone does reduce Health app storage then probably you should report the issue to Apple for a permanent fix.

Contact – Official Apple Support

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