How to add Alarm widget in iOS 14 [Solved]

 Create/Set Alarm widget in iOS 14 / Up Next Widget in OS 14

In today’s world almost all of set alarm in our phones and set an alarm is now a regular part of our life, but before sleeping we always want to make sure that alarm is set for next morning. In the latest iOS 14 alarm widget is missing.

In latest iOS release which is iOS 14 Apple has made many changes to interface and added custom widgets, which lets you add new Widgets to your home screen different sizes or colour which is really cool.

But as Apple made widgets customisable many of the older Widgets are not available in iOS 14 one such widget is Up Next. This  UP NEXT widget used to show your next alarm and whatever calendar event or reminder was up next, regardless of how many days the reminder was scheduled in the future.

Up next was a very handy Widgets  to iPhone users as it used to show next alarm, now users have to check every day if the next alarm is set or not. This is interesting that Apple has now removed one of the most useful Widget Up Next from iOS 14.

It seems that Apple has removed many older widgets(iOS 13) from iOS 14 and doesn’t care about existing user of that feature. Many iPhone users who were used to look at alarm in lock/home screen are not finding that.

How can I get Alarm widget in iOS 14: iPhone 11 Pro Max/ iPhone XS, XR, 8,7,6 Plus.

 Apple has now removed Up Next Widget in iOS 14, it was expected that iOS will provide a separate alarm Widget to track you alarm from home screen, maybe as part of clock widget. But it is very surprising to note that clock Widget do not provide any update about alarm widget. Surely Apple is missing something from alarm prospective. Apple should look forward to add a widget in next releases of 14.1 which supports alarm.

So if you are also missing alarm Widget in iOS 14, we have given below a Workaround to create and add alarm widget in iOS 14. 

Workaround: Use health app to set a alarm widget in iOS 14

This is a workaround to create a alarm visit notification on lock screen of your iPhone. It can be done to set only one alarm per day. Please check below steps to create alarm is it in iOS 14.

Set up Sleep function in health app to create Alarm Widget iOS 14.

  • Open health app in your iPhone on iOS 14 
  • Go to Browse section and search for Sleep

  • Scroll down and look for β€œSet up Sleep”
  • Tap on Get started -> Tap Next
  • Set a sleep Goal like 7 hr, 6 hr as per your wish

  • Now you can set your schedule, best part is just like alarm you can set it day wise. 
  • Now Set your Bed time , Wake time will be auto adjusted. 
  • Make sure to set a Wake Up alarm in the same screen, Scroll down and look for Alarm options.

  • After that you can now see all the schedules. You can add more schedules but only one for each day.
  • Tap Next – To set up Sleep Mode.
  • This will DND mode on your phone during the sleep hours. Skip this if you don’t want to set DND. Also skip Wind Down.

  • You are Done. Lock your phone, On the lock screen you can see the Alarm now.

Permanent Solution for iOS 14 Alarm Widget : Give Apple feedback

If you want to use the next Up Widget in iOS 14 then you should probably contact apple and submits them a report.

Hopefully this article helps you to create alarm visit in iOS 14.

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