How to add Spotify Widget iOS 14 [Tutorial]

how to use Track Tune as Spotify Widget

This article is about how to add TrackTune Spotify widget and how to sign into Spotify from TrackTune.


In iOS 14 iPhone users can now place widget on the home screen. After a very long time iPhone users are finally getting control over their home screen look. After having Widgets availability on your home screen you must be interesting in placing your favourite app widgets on iPhone Home screen. 

how to use Track Tune as Spotify Widget
How to add spotify widget iOS 14

But how to add Spotify Widget in iOS 14 ?

Spotify Music app or one of the most loved music apps for iPhone and you must be looking for way to place Spotify Music Widget on your home screen. In iOS 14 there is a Widget for Apple Music but there are no widgets launched by Spotify so far. However there are third party widgets that you can to place for using Spotify as home screen widget in iOS 14. One such Third party widget that lets you play Spotify is TuneTrack. Tune Track is a third party widget that will let you place Spotify widget. Tune track is a new application, so the app may contain some bugs in it which may cause TrackTune widget now working .  So we recommend to update the app frequently. 

If you want to use Tune track as as Spotify Widget below is step by step guide to do so. 

How to sign into Spotify on TuneTrack (Tune Track) : iOS 14 iPhone 11 Pro, XR , XS MAX, iPhone 8,7 Plus

Steps to Sign in Spotify on TuneTrack on iOS 14:

Step 1: Download TuneTrack app from Appstore.

Step 2: Please make sure you have logged into Spotify on same phone.

Step 3: Open the TrackTune app on your iPhone 

Step 4: From the bottom navigation Open Music Services

Signin Spotify on TrackTune
How to Signin Spotify on TrackTune

Step 4: There you will see Spotify icon, Tap on it

Step 5: Since TrackTune is a third party app, therefore it will ask for permission, allow them from Spotify app. 

Step 6: Once successfully logged in, it will show Singed in TrackTune.

How to add Spotify Widget using TrackTunes:

  • Once you have signed in Spotify account on TrackTune, you can add Spotify widget
  • To add Spotify Widget , Long press on iPhone home screen, it will start to jiggle, from top left corner tap on + icon to add widget
  • Scroll down the list and tap on TrackTune Widget to add one
  • While adding the widget, Track Tune will give you two options, select the one which lets you add Spotify.

Signin Spotify on TrackTune
iOS 14 Signin Spotify on TrackTune

  • Now you will see track tune Spotify Widget on your home screen of iPhone. 
  • Now you will be able to tap on the Widget and it will open Spotify Widget app. 

Issues in TrackTunes Spotify Widget:

After using Spotify Widget from TrackTune many users are not able to use as TrackTune widget is not working. In some cases it is not refreshing or in some cases it stucks at one screen, tunetrack not connecting to spotify etc. In case you see such issues please go through TrackTune Troubleshooting. 

Hope this Article helps you to use TrackTune app and enables you to Singin Spotify in Track Tunes.

how to sign into spotify on tune track”

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