How to change app icons without shortcuts iOS 14

iOS 14 have given you option to add widgets to home screen and customize the home screen in many ways. But man iPhone users are interested in changing the app icons in iPhone which is not allowed by iOS. But using shortcuts app you can do it, you simple create an action to open an app and create icon link to that action. Which is simple but actually takes two steps to open the app. Shortcuts app will first open the shortcut app > execute the action> open the app, hence not very fast and takes time to launch the apps.

custom icons iOS 14 without shortcuts app

Hence many iPhone users do not prefer Shortcuts app to update the app icons but rather want to update iPhone app icons without shortcuts.

In this article we have mentioned a way to change app icon without shortcuts app in iOS 14

How to change app icon without ShortCuts app: iPhone 11,XS,7/iOS 14

If you don’t want to add app icons using shortcuts you can use iSkin theme. Its a free tool to change iOS app icons.

  • This will open a new page with list to available theme, select the one you liked. 
  • Select the App icons > select each icon individually 
  • Click on generate theme > this will download a profile on iPhone
  • Click on the download file and allow it to install.
  • Now the profile is download next step is to install it
  • Go to setting in iPhone > General > profile and device management. 
  • You will see name of the theme we downloaded 
  • Click on it to install.

Icon will visible on home screen. 

Thats it. You are done. 

How to get rid of installed icons:

If you want to remove the icons just installed 

 Go to installed profiles, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and remove it there.

Please note that letting third party code run directly on the iPhone can be risky

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