How to change the color of apps on iPhone : iOS 14

 How to change the color of Widgets/apps on iPhone : iOS 14

Apple has made many changes in iOS 14 regarding interface. In iOS 14 people can now customise the home screen and edit the app icons. Now you can edit the widgets in many different ways and please them on home screen. 

Many iPhone users are now interested in changing the colour of apps and widgets after iOS 14 updates. Good news is you can now add different colours to the widgets in iOS 14 which will make your home screen look much more beautiful.

How to change colour of apps in iOS 14: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR/XS, iPhone 8/7 Plus

Step 1: Download Color widgets app from Appstore.

Step 2: open the app and you will many different colored widgets.

Step 3: Tap on any format you like and your iPhone will pop with option to edit the widget. 

Step 4: Now you can change light color and darkness. After you are don’t press set widget.

Step 5: Add widget to home screen: long press on the home screen until it starts to jiggle, tap on plus icon on top left side. of iPhone, it will give you option to add widget. Search for color widget and add it and the widget will appear on homescreen.

You are done. 

Hopefully now you know how to add colour widgets or Icon to your home screen in iOS 14.


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