How to edit App Library in iOS 14 [Solved]

iOS 14 has been released with many new features like App library, Widgets and many more. The App library is a new concept of managing the App  on home screen of iPhone. The App library can be seen by swiping pages on your iPhone.

How to edit App library in iOS 14

But many iPhone users are not finding App library very useful as it is difficult to find the apps in categories. One such example is banking apps are shown in Productivity in App Library which may not make sense to many iPhone users. So iPhone users want to edit the App library and place the apps as per their requirements. 

How to edit the App Library in iOS 14: iPhone 11/XS,8,7

Unfortunately you can not edit the App library apps in iOS 14 and place apps as your wish, at least not yet in iOS 14. This is very surprising to know that iPhone users can not move apps as per your wish in App Library. 

But as per the expectation from iPhone users the Apple should add an option to let iPhone users edit or manage the App library in iOS 14. Further there should be option to hide an app of less use from a section in App library like most recent. 

For managing or editing the apps in iPhone, user will not have any control but as per design Siri can now update the app library apps as per users usage or frequency of use and Siri is capable of managing the app library very intelligently in iOS 14.

But we can not expect Siri to place apps from one section to other section of our need. Giving some control to iPhone users to edit the App library in iPhone is something we would wish in upcoming release of iOS 14.

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