How to fix iPhone display wakes up for next songs



Many iPhone users are facing issue with iPhone that while playing a album or a play list the iPhone screen wakes up again and again for every song. The display lights up on every new song on the iPhone.  The issues still exists in the latest iOS 14 iOS version. next song wakes display on iphone


Solution for iPhone screen waking up for new songs in playlist : iPhone 12, 11 Pro Max, XS ,8 Plus



The volume limit feature in the iPhone seems to be the actual issue. You can find the Volume Limit in the Music Setting tab. If enabled never have this wake up problem. When disabled and beyond the volume limit iPhone wakes up on next song


This Can be feature regarding the volume limit function. If you press the vol. The issue only happens when the volume level is above a certain value. Now in iOS 14 high volume are marked in yellow,  So the one thing you should try is Settings -> Music -> Volume Limit and turn it ON, and finally the main point, turn on EU Volume Limit. It removes the yellow part from the volume meter when you changing volume level. It seems that, display awakening on every new songs played is a warning which many iPhone users are unable to understand. Clearly Apple should have second thought about this feature in future release if iOS 14.

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