How to fix iPhone screenshots are dark or Low brightness : iOS 14

Many iPhone users are facing with screenshot taken dark in iPhone or the screenshot captured are of low brightness. The issue started after updating to iOS 14, after updating iPhone to iOS 14 screenshot taken or dark or of low brightness.

Why screenshot are dark in my iPhone

Screenshot taken on iPhone, iOS 14 also done that it appears some kind of filters applied on the screenshot. The issue started in iOS 14 as in iOS 13 iPhone was taking screenshot properly with proper brightness. There does not seem to be any setting in iPhone for controlling screenshot brightness. Hence the issue is quite annoying for iPhone users who are found of taking screenshot. 

Why ScreenShots are dark in iPhone 11,XR,8 Plus iOS 14

If you are also facing dark screenshot issue in iOS 14, then the reason is you may be using zoom feature of iPhone. Turning of the zoom feature will fix the issue that screenshot a taken as dark or dull in colour like a filter is applied. Using the zoom function to dim my screen further. Just turned off zoom and the screenshots come out as they should.

Open Settings>Accessibility>Zoom and turn that off.

What is Zoom feature in iPhone:

The iPhone zoom feature lets you to magnify screen of iPhone while using some apps, you can magnify screen no matter what you are viewing on the screen like a video or a photo or app setting. This is a great feature, and many iPhone users are using it. But it seems that if you have turned on zoom feature on your iPhone screenshot taken will be dark or of low brightness.


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