How to fix Unable to save contacts in iOS 14: iPhone 12

Apple have recently launched iOS 14 with lots of new feature which includes app library, widget Support etc. But like older version of iOS, the iOS 14 is also packed with many bugs. One such issue faced by iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 is that they are not able to save or edit a contact in their iPhone. Which is super annoying because saving a contact or editing it is very basic and frequently used feature in any phone.

Why iPhone is not saving contacts: iOS 14/ iPhone 11 Pro

The issue is like while trying to save number in contact iPhone does allows to create/save/edit the contact but once you will swipe out of messages to save it goes back to just the phone number. Or in some cases it seems that the contacts is saved but when opened later is showing old data. Thing happens while editing a contact in iPhone for example if you try to edit address of a contact and hits save and later it is found that the contact is not saved with latest details. 

How to fix iPhone not Saving / Editing contacts : iPhone 12/11/XR/XS MAX/8/7 Plus iOS 14

Fix 1: Save and restart the iPhone

Would like a workaround to save contact in iPhone, iOS 14. Youโ€™re not able to save a contact in iPhone then you should first save the contact, then turn your phone off and back on, This should do the trick. 

Fix 2: Try multiple times

This workaround seems to be a pain. But it seems that if you try for five times to edit or save the contact it will work eventually. So if itโ€™s urgent  you should give multiple try until Apple comes up with permanent fix. 

Fix 3: Report issue to Apple

iPhone not saving the contacts/in iMessage, is a bug introduced in iOS 14. The only party responsible to fix this issue permanently is Apple. If you are also facing this issue in your iPhone then it is recommended to report the issue to Apple support. Also for a permanent fix keep on updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 14

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