How to fix Widget Smith not working in iPhone : iOS 14 [Fixed]

How to Fix WidgetSmith not working Grey, blank in iOS 14

How to fix Widget smith nor working

In iOS 14 now iPhone users can add widgets to your home screen, which is really cool as Apple never allowed its customers to play with home screen. Widget Smith is a great app to manage all your’s Widgets, you can place them in a fix size, time them to appear on the screen. Widget Smith is a really cool app to manage  and create widgets for . 

But lots of iPhone users after using WidgetSmith are facing issue that Widgets are not loading properly and are showing as grey box or blank widget screen.

Why is my widgetsmith grey ?

Widgetsmith showing gray can be due to multiple reasons, since it a third party app we can not say what exactly can be issue. The Widgets might not be loading due to issue with Widget Smith app or issue with issue with widgets itself, or it can be iOS 14 bug.

Not only widget Smith but lots of iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 are finding that widgets are not working in iOS 14. After adding the Widget from the home screen + icon or WidgetSmith, the Widget starts to appear on the home screen but does not show any content.

If you are facing issue after adding or deleting content from iPhone. For example in case of photo Widget, if you delete some photos  from Memories section, it will cause Photo Widget to Show show grey.

How to use WidgetSmith, please read this tutorial about using WidgetSmith. 

The article will provide fix For:

My WidgetSmith is now showing anything

Widget Smith showing blank, grey only

Widget not working in Widget Smith

How to fix WidgetSMith

iOS 14 widgetsmith grey

How to fix WidgetSmith not working in iOS 14, showing grey: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 8,7 Plus

Solution 1: Make sure you save the customization

Many user who are facing WidgetSmith not working are doing actually not saving the widget properly. Please note after all the adjustments done to the widget you need to back out of the edit screen in WidgetSmith app and there’s a save button on the top right that actually saves the customization and automatically adjusts it on your Home Screen.


Solution 2: Fix Permission issue

Many widget requires to access your iPhone data to show/load widget properly for example photo widget will require access to your Photo album or Fitness widget will require access to iPhone user health data. In case you did not give permission for the first time when app asked for it, to fix this you will have to manually grant permission WidgetSmith app.

Go to -> Setting->General ->Permission-> Photo or health app (relevant for app) – > Make sure you have given necessary permission. 

Solution 3: Tap on the widget to refresh it

First you should check if the Widget added to Widget Smith works as stand alone. add the widget directly from home screen and check it it loads fine, if not then its an issue with iOS or Widget not with WidgetSmith.

If Stand alone widget is also not loading, please note that  in iOS 14 many of the iOS widgets are reported with issues like widgets not refreshing. No issue is reported with clock widget and weather widget. Same is for News widget where news widget it is blank. Widgets not loading or the refreshing can we issue with iOS 14 or something selective with the widget. If you want to refresh the Widget you will have to tap on it, so if your Widget is grey and not showing any content on it and check if it updates.

Solution 4: Data not ready for the widget

Widget smith not working

A common case when widget Smith does not work is when the widget selected in widgetsmith does not have data to show. for example if you have selected a photo widget and source album has no photo, Widget smith will not show any data and grey box will appear on home screen. 

Solution 5: Remove and re-add the widgetSmith Widget

If WidgetSmith is not showing anything , then you should consider removing the Widget and re-adding it. Usually if have done editing to a widget in the app, sometime the existing widget on home screen does not load well. Please try re-adding widget 2-3 times. Check again if Widget is loading fine.

Solution 6 : Try different size Widget 

If  the widget is not working in WidgetSmith,  try loading the widget in different size and pattern. Check if the widget loads fine in other sizes.

Solution 7: Check with other WidgetSmith Widget

If now Widget Smith Widget is not working or loading,  you should double check by adding some different type of Widget and see if that is also giving error like grey box. If all the Widgets are not loading in your iPhone then most likely it is an issue with iOS 14 in this case you should consider resetting your phone or doing a full restore. 

Hopefully this article helps you to fix issued related to Widget Smith not working. 

Solution 8 :Update WidgetSmith app

As widget Smith is an app and just like other this app may also have lots of bugs in it. For better and stable version please consider updating it. 

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