How to fix Workout maps not showing/disappeared in iOS 14?

After updating to latest iOS 14 many iPhone users are not able to find out their workout map in iPhone as it used to be there in the earlier iOS 13. After updating to IOS 14 and updating my Apple Watch the maps for all old previous workouts disappeared and for new workouts the map just showed a green start pin

In the workout map user can view a map of bike rides, walks etc but after updating to latest iOS 14 workout maps does not show anything. The issue is with all models of iPhone like iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XR, 8,7 on iOS 14. 

Workout maps missing in iOS 14

No Maps from iOS 13 Workouts showing at all, on new  iOS 14 workouts, if I’m lucky I’m getting a map with a single pin on the starting point, but no route information. In the earlier version of iOS 13 you can view the map  by Opening Activity app and select ‘Summary’ at the bottom.  Now expand Workouts by pressing ‘Show More’, click on  Outdoor Walks and Outdoor Cycle workout and see a map at the very bottom. It is a tiny little map, but you can click on it and it will expand to show workout map. But it’s not there in iOS 14. Map icon missing from bottom or workout summary and all the workout maps disappeared from iOS 14 in iPhone 11 Pro/ watch series 5. 

This is very annoying as iPhone users have lost all their previous workout maps as well and maps from all previous workouts through the fitness apps have disappeared.

How to fix workout maps not showing in iOS 14: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, XS , 8,7,6s Plus

Fix 1 : Do a fresh reinstall of iOS 14

A fresh reinstall of iOS 14 seems to fix the issue for many iPhone users. After doing fresh reinstall all old workouts have now a map with my route and all new workouts have a route too, instead of one pin.

Also both workouts from this morning got synced between watch and iphone.

To do a fresh reinstall of iOS 14 on iPhone :

Take a full backup of your iPhone on Mac over USB. Downloaded the IPSW file for iPhone and install it. At last restore all data from the backup.

Fix 2: Reset Network setting

Reset network setting in your iPhone to make sure there is no location related issue. Goto General -> Setting> Reset-> Reset Network. 

Fix 3: Update to new iOS 14 patch

The issue is has been reported and acknowledged by Apple, any fix for the issue should be in upcoming releases of iOS 14, so keep updating your iPhone for a permanent fix. 

Fix 4: Select location

This is a workaround and by doing this workout maps may start to appear again. Go to-> 

Settings>General>Language & Region. Regardless of what it says your region is, re-select it.

Fix 5 : Report to Apple

As this seems to a bug in iOS 14, it is better you submit a bug to Apple and hopefully they will fix it in upcoming releases

 submit a bug report through the Feedback Assistant via

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