How to get imposter every time in among us Game 2020

Among us: how to become imposter

Among us is a popular game and if you are a team member you would always like get as imposter every time. In the game generally there are 1-3 imposter in the crew of 10 members and imposters have to sabotage the ship and kill other crew members. Playing the game is very interesting and if you are a poster that makes the game more fun for you.

Among us: how to become imposter
How to be a imposter every time in among us

We have bring some tricks to always get as a imposter in among us game. Please follow these steps before playing the game and hopefully most of the time you will get as imposter in the Game.

How to always become every time a imposter in Among Us Game (Trick)

Among us: how to become imposter
Among us: how to become imposter

  • Open the Among is Game and select Online mode.
  • Now we should make the ping higher to become a imposter, this is a glitch in the game. 

Go near to computer for select HAT: Among us
  • For Ping to beextremely high and not to become the host, select a server far from your place ,On the bottom right hand of Among Us Game Menu corner and chose the server of far location for example pick Asia if you live in north America .
  • you want your ping to be extremely high and because of that you do not want to be host so you’re going to join a game and you’re not going to create one after you do that there’s people that say you want to be able to you want to pick red or blue it doesn’t matter what color you do like.
  • what you do want to do to increase your ping is go into the HAT section  while the game is loading and click as many possible times, you’re using to change your hat and you want to do it as fast as you can as it starts counting down and this will make you imposter.  
  • It is not guaranteed to make you imposter every single time, but it increases your chances  for me its like three or four times out of the five times i’ve played since and I would say mainly because you’re changing hats increasing ping changing the bottom ranking corner you know north America to Asia or if you’re in Europe maybe go to America. It’s all about making your ping time higher.

Hopefully this trick will help you to get impostor every time in among us.

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