How to make shortcuts faster iOS 14

 How to make shortcuts app run faster in iOS 14


As the Apple rolls out new iOS 14 which include support for custom widgets you must be looking for great ideas to modify your iPhone home screen. To update the app icons there you may use Shortcuts app which is pre installed in iOS 14.

how to make shortcut app fast

But once iPhone users started to use the shortcuts app on iOS 14, lot of them reported that the shortcut app is slow in execution and how to make shortcut app fast in iOS 14. If you added automation on shortcuts app there is significant difference in the time it takes for Scriptable to complete execution within the app vs being called from Shortcuts. While executing a shortcut it may take 10 seconds or gives message “Working on it” or “Loading”. The shortcuts are very slow in iOS 14 and Apple should look into it and make shortcuts fast.

As per the design of shortcuts there are some limitation known with Shortcuts like Tapping Custom App Icons launch Shortcuts first, and then the App, which increases the app launch time. So using the shortcuts app to do the task is always a longer way but it eases your work. We have listed some trouble shooting steps to run shortcuts faster on iOS 14.


How to make shortcuts App faster in iOS 14 : iPhone 11 Pro/XS Max, XR, 8,7,6s Plus


Fix 1:  Close All Nonessential Apps

Apps running in background keeps on using iPhone resources and makes your iPhone slow, which will eventually slow down other important apps from running fast. Close all unnecessary apps running in background.


Fix 2: Hard restart the iPhone

Try rebooting or hard restarting your iPhone 2-3 times to fix any software glitches in iOS 14 or the Shortcuts app which may result in slow shortcut executions and check if you see any improvements in shortcuts app.


Fix 3: Reduce Motion

iPhone uses motion effects to create the perception of depth on your Home screen and within apps, which is not required for may iPhone users .You can optimize iOS by turning off reduce motion in it.  For turning it off-> Tap on Settings > Accessibility > Motion and set Reduce Motion to On.


Fix 4: Delete unwanted Shortcuts

It’s a good practice to keep deleting Shortcuts in the app as this makes the shortcuts app light and fast. If you have made any shortcuts in iOS 13, please try to remove and re-create them in iOS 14 for optimization.


Fix 5: Update the shortcuts app

All the apps also needs to update with change of iOS 14 and after release of iOS the apps starts to roll out better stable versions with new iOS. Check for any pending updates for shortcuts app.


Fix 6: Turn off Automatic data download

iPhone support automatic data download but this features take iPhone CPU and memory. You can turn of Automatic data down off by –>. Tap Settings > iTunes & App Store > and turn all the Automatic Downloads off.


Fix 7: Clear Safari’s cookies and data

If your shortcuts app uses app Apps like safari, make sure you make all the apps optimized as much you can for example Clear Safari’s data, cookies and so on to free up some memory.

Also open the Settings app and scroll down to Safari. On the next page scroll down to ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and tap on that.


Fix 8: Free up space on your iPhone

If you’re running out of space on your iPhone this could account for the sluggishness in apps like shortcuts app slow. Your iPhone will tend to run better if it has at least 10GB free, or around 10{8b486c84ea6f7a9a059cb902e6d2cb260464d2410a2bbb3ec3ecfef5ffe22152} of the available storage.


Fix 9: Reset All Settings in iPhone


If after iOS 14 you are facing any application or software related issue specially like shortcuts app slow or taking too much time to execute shortcut, resetting the iPhone is also a way to fix any configuration/installation related issue in iOS 14, which might have occurred during update process.  This will reset everything in the Settings app gets reset to factory settings. You’ll have to reconnect your Bluetooth devices, reenter your Wi-Fi passwords.


To reset all the settings on your iPhone, open Settings and tap General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. You’ll have to reenter you iPhone passcode and confirm your decision by tapping Reset All Settings. Please check now of keyboard lag in iOS 14 now.


Hopefully after following these steps the shortcuts app runs fast, please let us know in comment section.


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