How to set up iPhone Do Not Disturb app/call/message exceptions ?

That do not disturb feature is an important feature in iPhones which allows blocking unnecessary notifications or call while you are doing some important work. The DND feature added new control to activate DND while driving. However there is surely some calls, urgent messages that we do not wish to miss.

In this article we will explain how you can set up exceptions in iPhone do not disturb feature which will allow you to access certain messages or calls while the iPhone is in DND mode. These are supported on iPhone 12, iPhone 11, XR, XS etc on latest iOS 14.

Add call Exception to DND on iPhone

Allow calls from Favourites :

You can add important contacts to favourite and allow your iPhone to ring for calls received from favourite contacts. To turn on this exception for favourite calls go to setting open DND settings and turn on lock calls from favourite.

Adding DND app exception in iPhone/ iOS 14

Allow Repeated calls:

You can turn off this feature to add exception to DND feature in iPhone, when someone calls you more than one time within a timeframe of three minutes. This is surely a good feature which is use that if someone is calling you continuously it could be an important call.

Add Message Exception to DND on iPhone:

There is no setting to add exception to messages but there is a way to over ID and settings for an urgent message. While sending iMessage to iPhone this mark that urgent, has exception in DND. To send Messages as urgent on iPhone, follow up the text with the word urgent.

Unfortunately you cannot at exception to a particular app like WhatsApp for the notification till now in the latest iOS 14. Maybe in the future updates of iPhone/ iOS we may see this feature to add exception app in DND mode, for now there is no way to add an app as exception to DND.

But it is worth noting that emergency alerts, alarms and timers are by default exception to DND in iPhone. You don’t have to change or edit any settings for these notifications. Same is the case for CarPlay, if you are driving and using CarPlay then all the calls received will be diverted to CarPlay even in DND mode.

Hope this article helps you to explain DND settings and adding exception to DND feature in iPhone.

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