How to stop/block Google widget ad pop up? : iPhone XS/11

After installing iOS 14, iPhone 12 Pro, 11 users are seeing Google ad Pop up in the browser at the bottom of screen on iPhone. The Google ad pop-up on the iPhone is very annoying as it keeps on appearing again and again even after closing multiple times. The Google ad pops up and says “Get the app and add the Widget to your home screen” and request for installation on Google Chrome and Safari Browsers. 

Stop Google ad pop up notification

Lots of iPhone users are facing that issue after iOS 14. Surprisingly even turning on ad blocking setting does not seems to help. The ad blocker is not working on iPhone 12, iOS 14. This is really a pain for iPhone users to see such as pop-ups which they really don’t want and there is no way to permanently get rid of it. 

How to block Google ad pop up in iPhone 12, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS, 8 , 7 plus : iOS 14

The Google ad pop-up you are seeing is part of speech that you are viewing. The ad pop up are part of the app (or page) content; they are not popups, which is why they can’t be blocked by ad-blocker. 

The easiest solution is to stop using Google. We recommend DuckDuckGo to set a default search Engine in your iPhone, iPad, which is the only search engine that does not track what you search for and sell that information. And it is available as a default search engine in Safari.

To change default search Engine 

Go to settings-safari-search engine-DuckDuck Go

Once you change default search engine you should not see the Google ad pop up notification anymore in your iPhone, iPad devices. 

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