How to use Custom Photo Widget and select featured images !

Custome photo widget in iOS 14

“Best Custom Photo Widget for iPhone, Which let you select photos and add feature image”

iOS 14 now lets you edit your iPhone home screen and you can add different types of visit to your home screen in different sizes. Many iPhone users are interested in placing photo widget on home screen. There is a default photo Widgets app in iOS 14 that will display images in the Widget randomly, the photos are loaded from the album of iPhone, which is memories/featured section labelled as For You.

Custome photo widget in iOS 14
How to use custom photo widget in iPhone 

But there are so many limitations with default photo Widget as it does not allow you to choose featured images on the photo Widget and also you can not select images. Default photo widget app will automatically select Photos from iPhone user memories (Photo app), and iPhone do not allow you to add photos to For You album in iPhone Album section also called memories/ featured images. Apple surely needs to work on its Photo widget as it lacks many capabilities :

Issues with Default Photo Widget in iOS 14:

  • Not able to choose featured image shown in widget on home screen.
  • Unable to change photos in photo widget 
  • Not able to define a set of images for photo widget
  • Photos appearing randomly on photo widget without control

 How to get different photos on photo widget and set featured image in Photo Widget:

However you can not do this with default photo widget in iOS 14 but there are third-party widgets that will allow you to set featured image in their photo Widget and you can set image in home screen photo widget sing custom photo widget. Which is cool !.

We have detailed step by step how to install and use custom photo widget in iOS 14 

How to use Custom Photo Widget:

To use custom photo widget you will have to download the custom widget app from Appstore. Download for free Custom Photo Widget: Simple App from AppStore.


  • Photo Widget: Simple is a Free App and you can create photo widget using this. This app will allow you to get different photo on photo widget and will change photo as per your preference. 
  • You can select max 30 pics and photo widget will show them one by one.

  • Widget is available in three different sizes.
  • You can update photo refresh interval at setting screen-> Go to Setting and you can Refresh photo in 5,10 , 30 min.
  • Please make sure after changing duration settings , ensure to tap Adjust Widget to current Settings, if you want to see live result of change you made.
  • After you have done with setting and adding images, Next step is to add the widget to home screen

Add custom photo widget

  • On iPhone home screen long press until it starts to jiggle, on the left top side of the iPhone you will see + icon tap on that and scroll down to find widget Photo Widget: Simple

  • Add featured image to Photo widget 

  • Add the widget-> Hit save. You are done.
  • Very simple design and easy to use. 
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