iOS 14 Copy Paste not working on iPhone 11/XR/XS [Solved]

Many iPhone users after updating to iOS 14 or finding issue with copy paste commands in iPhone apps. The issue is that Cut, Copy Paste command is not working in some or all apps on iPhone after updating to latest iOS 14, The issue can be seen with the apps like Facebook, Google news etc. 

Select, Cut Copy paste not working in iPhone , iOS 14

The issue is not very new in iOS as in iOS 12 and iOS 13 did also had the same problem but this is surprising to note that even in the latest iOS 14 the copy paste not working issue still exist. While in some cases iPhone user is unable to select the text and hence unable to copy paste it in iOS 14.

copy paste isn’t working on the iPhone app or message app  after iOS 14, and sometimes it’s become very annoying issue as for example you want to copy a phone number on your mobile you won’t be able to do it because of this issue.

How to fix select and copy paste not working in iOS 14: iPhone 11 Pro/ XS MAX, XR, X, 8,7,6s Plus and iPad

Fix 1: Try Double Tapping 

Instead of holding your finger over what you want to copy, you just double tap it to highlight, then cut and paste as before.

It seems that instead of long press doing a double tapping on your iPhone screen at the place where you want to paste the content is working for some of the affected users.

Hope this works.

Fix 2: Change background app refresh setting .

Some of the iphone users are complaining that they are able to copy the text but not able to paste it. While trying to paste nothing gets pasted on the iPhone app. While doing COPY and PASTE the content, if you are unable to paste it, it may be due to data getting wiped out in  from clipboard randomly, tell me due to a bug , it is recommended to test the copy paste after turning off background app refresh. 

1.    Open Settings app from your Home screen.->  Tap on General.–> Tap Background App Refresh. ->  Toggle Background App Refresh to off. Now Copy paste in iOS 14

Fix 3: Update the iOS 14  to latest version

As the issue is spread  across all the apps in iPhone, Apple will be aware of such bug and working for the fix best way to get rid of a bug is to update your software. There are high chances that  software update would be released is to clear a bug like these. Fortunately the issue is not fixed in the latest iOS 14.0.1, we can hope that the issue will be solved in upcoming releases of iOS 14. 

To update the iOS :

  • Go to Settings– > Tap on General-> Tap on Software Update (it’ll check for an update) -> Tap on install at the bottom

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