iOS 14 mail app showing unread message when there are none

After updating to iOS 14 the mail app is showing some unread mail badge on the app icon. But when user checks the email box there are no new or unread mails in the mailbox. The ghost unread emails started after update to iOS 14. 

iOS 14 ghost emails

If somehow you remove the ghost unread mails from your mailbox, ghost unread emails badge to Mail app back.  Restarting the app of the iPhone does not seems to fix the issue. The issue can be seen with all iPhone models including iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS 14 which keeps on showing unread emails in the mailbox while there are none pending. Even if you try to select all emails and mark them as “Read” but it doesn’t solve the issue. For some user it is showing more than 500 emails pending to read which are not true.

How to fix iOS 14 ghost unread emails in iPhone 11 Pro Max, ,XS / XR

Fix 1: Change apple id and password

There is a working workaround for iPhone showing ghost and that emails on iOS 14. Change your Apple ID password. In your iPhone go to settings tap on your account name (at op) -> tap sign out from iCloud and re-login with the new password this will restart the Apple mailbox.

Once you have logged out and logged in back to your email account hopefully this will remove all the ghost unread emails from the iPhone

Fix 2: Update to iOS 14.0.1

How many iPhone users who are affected with this issues have reported that updating to Update to iOS 14.0.1 solves the issue. 

Fix 3:  delete and reinstall the account

Try to remove the problematic email account from your iPhone and add it again. This will reset all the settings associated with that account. In iPhone go to settings and remove the email account. 

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