iPhone 12/11 stuck on “Preparing Video” [Fixed]

iPhone 12 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS , Xr users with iOS 14 or facing issue while editing videos in the iPhone or iPad. While editing or cropping video in photos app, that video freezes and stuck on preparing video message. The issue is very common across different iPhone devices and this is annoying for the people who have bought iPhone for its video quality, the users can’t simply edit and create a video on their iPhone.

iPhone 11 stuck on Preparing video : iOS 14

The video editing issue in iPhone is very annoying for iPhone users who rely upon iPhone editing tools to create professional videos. After the iPhone is stuck on preparing video, the use can’t access the video at all, as it has become corrupt. 

During video editing in either “Camera” or “Photos” App, iPhone shows “Preparing Video”, then it just froze and can’t use the App. Even when user tried to switch to different app and again open the video editing screen it is still frozen and showing preparing video. The iPhone become super slow while editing the videos , for editing a video about nine to ten seconds long it will take two to three hours . this is really a bug in iPhone system.

How to fix iPhone 12, 11 Pro Max/XS MAX, XR,8 , 7,6s , iPad Mini/4 stuck on Preparing Video : iOS 14/14.2/14.3/14/4

Fix 1 : Double tap on screen


This is an easy workaround for the issue, all you have to do is double tap the iPhone screen when the video is stuck in repairing video. Double tapping the video/screen works well for many users, give it multiple try and check it helps.

Fix 2: change orientation of iPhone

Another workaround is to rotate your iPhone. Turning the phone 90 degrees and double tapping screen to resume rendering actually worked. Then bring them back to the orientation you want and that might do the trick. 

Fix 3:  Use Save As Options

You try to Save the video as a new clip, you get your cropped video without it having to stuck on  “preparing Video”

Fix 4: Try the soft and  hard restart

There are chances that iPhone video editing issue could be due to some software glitch in iOS 14. To fix such issues you should consider restarting your iPhone. If a soft reset does not help then you should also do a hard reset on your iPhone/iPad.


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