iPhone 12 Pro Max: How to open Home Screen using FaceId directly

 The latest iPhone 12 Pro max is loaded with many great features and is a great hit from Apple. Some users find its feature attractive and some wants changes in iPhone feature/accessibility. FaceId is great feature and very convenient for iPhone users. But as soon as you look at your iPhone  the iPhone does unlock but still you have to slide up the screen up to open home screen.

iPhone 12 Pro Use FaceId to open home screen

Many iPhone 12 users find this annoying as opening home screen in iPhone 12 is two steps process. Opening iPhone home screen directly from faceid unlock would be a great feature. But there does not seems to be a direct to open home screen in iPhone 12 Pro Max using FaceId only. If you are also looking for this solution then please note that Apple does not provide this feature and it is security issue. But we have listed a workaround for opening iPhone home screen from FaceId. 

Fix : Back Tap in Settings/Accessibility and set either Double or Triple Back Tap to Home. 

Double tap on the back can be done with the same hand after face is recognized. Double Tap or Triple Tap to “Home”. Now, when you pick your phone up with one hand and look at it simply double or triple tap the back the back of the phone with a finger and you go straight to the home screen. Not quite as good as having the option to just look at the phone and go straight to the home screen but some may prefer the tap option to swiping up. 

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