iPhone 12 pro microphone not working [Fix]

Apple has recently launched its flagship phone which is iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro. The new iPhones are doing very well in the market. But it seems that the latest version of Apple phone, the iPhone 12 pro is facing audio related issues. In the iPhone 12 while using FaceTime or facebook messenger video chat, the audio becomes very bad or choppy. User voice is breaking frequently either on wi-fi or cellular data. The other person can barely hear and the other person on the other end could only hear a static white noise during facetime.

iphone 12 pro mic not working

This seems to be problem with microphone of iPhone 12 pro is while trying to speak on speaker audio works fine on Facebook and FaceTime. Since the issue is over network calls, there are some chances that poor audio quality on iPhone 12 pro can be a network issue. But the chances are very low as iPhone x on the same network works fine.

The issue is extremely annoying +$1000 USD phone and the mic is not working.

How to fix iPhone 12 pro microphone not working issue:

Workaround for iPhone 12 mic issue : 

switch to the loudspeaker and then back to the phone, the mic should starts working again for some time. The issue may occur after sometime and you will have to go back and forth to speaker mode.

Fix 1: Update to iOS 14.2.1

The issue is occurring only on FaceTime, Facebook calls. While trying to record voice memo there is no issue. So this can be a software issue in iOS 14. For a permanent iOS 14 did it but fix please always consider updating your iPhone to the latest version.

Fix 2: Try removing iPhone case

If you have covered your iPhone with a case, then improper fitting case can also lead to poor quality audio issues. Try removing the iPhone case and make a FaceTime call and check if it works fine now.

Fix 3: Ask for replacement

If none of the above fix helps you to fix iPhone 12 pro microphone issue then you should visit Apple Store and ask for replacement. If your phone is in warranty period they will replace it for free.

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