iPhone 12 Pro Not Ringing for incoming calls : Fixed

iPhone 12 Pro Max not ringing for calls, message

iPhone 12 users are facing issue with iPhone not ringing for incoming calls. This is a very strange and annoying issue in the latest iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 mini models. When a calls rings the iPhone 12 does not rings however it will vibrate normally with clear call screen details of who is calling. Everything is normal when call comes to iPhone except it does not ring, not in the low volume. 

Due to this issue iPhone users are finding many missed calls in their iPhone without even knowing about them. If you are also facing same issue in iPhone 12, the please go through the listed workaround/ fixes for the issue as detailed below.  Same is the case for messages, the iPhone does not ring for incoming message also. 

How to fix iPhone 12 Pro / Mini not ringing/ no sound for incoming call : iOS 14/ 2021

Fix 1: Make sure to slide button is on ringer

If you are new to iPhones then you should know that all iphone have a slide button with volume button. If that is slide back the iPhone will be silent mode always. Please check if the slider setting is turned on for the iPhone to ring. 

Fix 2 : Restart the iPhone

iPhone 12 not ringing for calls can be due to a software glitch in the iPhone that can be solved using a normal reboot. Restarting the iPhone seems to be an effective way to fix the issue. Hopefully this helps. 

Fix 3 :  Change Sound and Haptics 

There is a setting that you should try to check if this helps.  

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics >  Turn Vibrate on Ring off.  Choose a Ringtone.

Fix 4: Update to latest iOS version

Doing an update to latest iOS version seems to a permanent fix for the issue. Please check in setting for pending iOS 14 updates. If there is any please update to the latest version. 

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