iPhone 7 microphone not working after iOS 14/ 14.0.1 update

iPhone seven users after updating to latest iOS 14 are facing issue with microphones. The issue is microphone is not working on iPhone 7/ iOS 14. This defeats the most basic functionality of a mobile phone. Does not seems to be a hardware fault as the iPhone 7 microphone was working fine with iOS 13.

iPhone 7 mic not working iOS 14

Due to this issue the iPhone 7 users are not able to make a call record a voice memo, talk to Siri. Microphone issue in iPhone 7 app started after iOS 14 update and even the latest 14.0.1 update the microphone is still not working. To this issue none of the apps that requires mic will not work. Apps like  Siri, voice notes, guitar tuner, Duolingo, voice to text, FaceTime, zoom not  on iPhone 7. Whatsapp suffers from the same issues and can’t record any voice messages.

After update of iPhone 7/iOS 14 was reported with many problems like flash not working, camera not working, mic not working but some of the problems are fixed important or  iOS 14.0.1 but iPhone 7 microphone issue in iOS 14.0.1 is still not fixed. 

This is very sad from the Apple site that very basic functionality is broken in iPhone 7 on the latest iOS 14.0.1. And also the issue is very frustrating for its users, Apple should fix this issues as soon as possible in upcoming releases.

How to fix microphone not working on iPhone 7 on iOS 14, iOS 14.0.1: 

Fix 1: How to set the iPhone

Many iPhone 7 users who are facing this issue where microphone stopped working after iOS 14 update are able to fix the phone by doing Hard reset (volume down button and on off  button) and hold it until apple icon showed up.

Give it a shot and check if it helps.

Fix 2 : Use Bluetooth headset

If microphones are not working for you in iOS 14 you can use Bluetooth headset as a workaround. Bluetooth headset will be able to make call record your voice properly.

Fix 3 : Turn Off Noise cancellation

One more troubleshooting for fix iOS 14 microphone issue in iPhone 7 is to Toggle the noise cancellation mode in iPhone. your iPhone and navigate to Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Switch off Noise Cancellation toggle. Try Now.

Fix 4: Reset all iPhone 7 settings

If iPhone 7 microphone is still not working on iOS 14, 14.0.1 then you may finally try to reset all setting in the iPhone7.This will Reset iPhone to factory settings. This won’t wipe out iPhone data but I reset all your password like for Wi-Fi. 

General > Reset > and choose Reset All Settings option.

Fix 5: Update iPhone 7 to latest iOS 14

As the problem of microphone not working in iPhone 7, iOS 14 seems to be introduced after iOS 14. Apple should  fix no issue in upcoming release of iOS 14. Therefore it is highly recommend to update your phone to the latest iOS 14 for a permanent fix.

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