iPhone lags/freezes when trying to use Screen Time in iOS 14

 iPhone users are facing issue in iOS 14 that when they use ScreenTime the iPhone starts to hang or lags. The issue is also happening on iPad and latest iPhone models like iPhone XR/ iPhone 12 etc. The iPhone starts to lag when kids asks for extension and it takes many seconds to approve the screen time request. The issue started after update to iOS 14 and ScreenTime seems to be buggy now.

Screen Time freezing in iOS 14

When a kid asks for permission and the parent tries to give permission to the kid, the Setting app will freeze for like 20 – 30 seconds and gets crashed instead. The screenTime sometimes becomes unresponsive and it is not possible to disable the screen time either. This is really annoying as the Apps being screentimed remained down all the time. This is very difficult for iPhoe users whoe updated to iOS 14/14.0.1 that they cannot respond to screen time requests without crashing and/or then slow response at each step. 


How to fix Screen Time Freezes/ Crash/ Laggy after update to iOS 14: iPhone X,XR, XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12:


Fix 1: Give Permission from ScreenTime App

This is a workaround to fix ScreenTime lagging issue , if while giving permission from notification the setting app is crashing, you may try to give permission by opening the ScreenTime app. However it may also be slow or laggy but eventually should work.


Fix 2: Sign Out and Sign in to iCloud account

If screenTime keeps on lagging on your iPhone on iOS 14,  you should try to toggling your iCloud account. Go to Setting app and tap on your account name at the top. -> Sign out from the iCloud and login back after sometime. Check ScreenTime again if it works fine now.


Fix 3: Update iOS 14

iOS 14 is reported with some major issues and Apple is working on them to fix. For a permanent fix  for Screen Time getting slow is to update the iOS 14 to the latest version available. Check Setting -> General – update for any pending updates for your iPhone.

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