iPhone Not getting text Notifications/alert on iOS 14

Notification not working in iOS 14

Many iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and other models users are getting issue in iOS 14 text messaging that iPhone is not getting text notification. The issue is like for some users iPhone is not showing any text notification. But some other iPhone users who are facing the same issue reported that 

β€œiphone not notifying me when i receive a text from one person”

why is my iphone not notifying me when i get a text? Not getting alerts on iOS 14.

why is my phone not notifying me when i get text messages?

Notification not working in iOS 14
alert not showing in iOS 14/ iPhone 12

The issue is more weird for some users because the issue is happening while the iPhone is in use. If you’re not using the iPhone you will get all the notifications. After iOS 14 update, all notifications badges, but banners aare not showing notification  for all apps like Whatsapp, wechat, telegram, spark, basically. No way to know if I have received any message, and this is super annoying as I have to manually go and check each app again and again. As if the apps were not working in the background and notifications were somehow not pushed.

Initially iPhone users are not getting message notification from one particular contact but later on there is no text message notification for all the contacts.

How to fix iPhone not getting alerts and notifications for message and apps: iOS 14, iPhone 11, iPhone XR,XS MAX, 8, 7 plus.

Fix 1 : Reboot the iPhone

One of the easiest and fastest way to fix the problem is to restart your iPhone and check again if it helps.

Fix 2:  Turn down connection from Bluetooth devices

Same issue was reported in iOS 11, and at that time the issue was that iPhone watch it with different wireless devices through Bluetooth. And while the iPhone was connected to the Bluetooth device there were no notifications for messages. Try going to Settings –> Bluetooth and disable Bluetooth.

Retest Messages and alerts / sounds come through fine.

Some combination of enabling/disabling BT kills the notification

Fix 3: Reinstall the apps.

It seems that the apps are not able to push notification properly which could be due to a bug in iOS 14 or app compatibility to iOS 14. One working way to fix app Notification not working in iOS 14 is to delete the app and reinstall it again from the App Store, delete each app that was affected: Whatsapp, Instagram and fb messenger. After reinstalling the apps it should work again. 

Fix 4: Reset the network setting

Resetting the network setting also seems to help to fix the issue. But this seems to be a temporary workaround as resetting the network will allow notification to come normally for couple of days but many users are facing the issue again after few days.

Fix 5: Log out and log in to iCloud

 This is just a workaround to fix notification not working in iPhone issue. Open settings and tap on your account name to log out from the iCloud settings. Login again and check if the issue persist.


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